Zach Wilson

Creative Direction: Chris Cyran
Photography: David Hartz

Creative direction for Zach Wilson and his debut album “Fall of a Man”. I worked with Zach to develop an identity to complement his sound. This project covered photography, iconography, album art, and branding.

Raised in Bermuda, Zach is a R&B artist that carries himself like a king. He conveys this through albums that reflect on a phase of his life; whether it was a fall from grace, a standstill, or come up.


After learning about Zach’s upbringing, I was inspired by the Bermuda Triangle and the tales surrounding it. I took visual cues from this by using the triangle as a graphic device. It indicates the phase(s) in his life that will make him a king in his own right.

The crown formed by triangles became the foundation of Zach’s identity. His debut album would feature a downward facing triangle, to represent a dark phase in his life. Hence the album title “Fall of a man”.